International Carrom Federation Election Results – 2014

The last International Carrom Federation (ICF) board meeting that took place was during the recent 2014 Maldives Carrom World Cup, it was a real game-changer for carrom at a global level. The industry has awoken and they’re ready to play… And win.

International Carrom Federation Election Results - Maldives 2014
During this meeting, which was chaired by ICF President Arif Naqvi, a board member made a written request for the due ICF elections to take place immediately. 14 of the 18 countries participating 2014 World Carrom Cup Maldives backed the request and upon receiving board consent, Naqvi approved the elections.

Voting went underway via hidden balloting under supervision of Naqvi under the terms of the ICF constitution and the newly elected body takes over ICF management on 13th January 2015.

Newly elected ICF Body

Josef Meyer (Switzerland)

Vice President
Donhun Bae (Korea)
Nazul Islam (UK)
Langly Mathaisz (Sri Lanka)
Venou Mouraly (France)
Zunaid Ahmed Palak (Bangladesh)
Elisa Zucchiatti (Italy)
Murtaza Khan Zulfee (Pakistan)

General Secretary
Mohammad Saeed (Maldives)

Assistant Secretary General
Atul Bhave (US)
Rohini Mathaiz (Sri Lanka)

Ahmed Mubeen (Maldives)

Assistant Treasurer
Ahmed Ashraf (Bangladesh)

Lifetime Honorary Members

The former President Arif Naqv (Germany) and Dr. Zahir Naseer (Maldives) were presented with lifelong honorary membership in recognition of their decades of service for betterment and promotion of carrom.

A Word from the New President
Josef Meyer thanked the board and expressed that they will work together to continue to improve and promote carrom. He said that he sees enthusiasm in every member of the board and hopes carrom will reach new heights under his management.

About the ICF
The ICF is the international governing body for carrom that was formed in October 1988 at the first World Carrom Congress. Delegates from India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland established an international set of rules. (ICF elections are held every four years, the previous elections were held in USA in 2010.)

We’d would like pass on our well wishes and appreciation to Arif Naqv and Dr. Zahir Naseer in their efforts over the years and also to congratulate the new ICF board members with a hearty congratulations to new President, Josef Meyer. A special thanks to Mohammad Saeed for the positive feedback he’s given Carrom Shop and also to Murtaza Khan Zulfee for the updates.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of further revolutionary ICF updates and until then Carrom Shop would like to wish all board members much success in your new roles and for our industry.

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