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Carrom Shop has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We are extremely proud of the responses we have received over the years for the quality of our products and our commitment to work.

Read what our customers say about Carrom Shop.

“I just received it today. Thank you very much! :)”
David. R

“Excellent! Thank you very much.”
Christian. P

“Many thanks for the great service.”

“hi thanks for your help can’t wait to play again”
Alan. B

“… and WELCOME as my new friend on Facebook! ;-)”
Thor. I

“Thank you. We have received the carom and we are happy with its build quality!”
Waqar. A

“Thanks a million. I just kept on trying getting a board up here to norway without having to take on another job. How cool that you remember and therefore probably understand i’m not doing this to just annoy you guys. I’d love to buy it from you guys since you’ve been patient.”
Carsten. T

“Thanks for the help and service. And thanks for good advice. Wish you a nice weekend.”
Waheed. H

“I just wanted to let you know that I have finally had a chance to open the carrom board and have left you positive feedback. I was really pleased with the quality of the board and design. I had a quick game with my 15 year old daughter who has never played before. I purchased this for my Partner’s Birthday this Saturday, I hope he likes it!..he too has never played but took part in a demonstration in the shop. When I was a child my dad bought one back from India and the whole family used to play, it was great fun. But unfortunately one day my mum decided to have a good clear out and just threw it away. I was really pleased to find out that they are still around!”

Sheila. S

“Thankyou for ur hard work and for ur help now everything is ok and it has cleard . with in today or tomarrow i will receive the board. they have sent from oslo delevery agent. meet u in next transaction.byeeeee.”

Deo. K

“corrom super site”

“My board arrived today in mint condition. A thousand thank yous.”
Daniel. M

“my husband was absolutely delighted with it, saying how well made it was and how lovely the finish was. So thank you very much, it was a pleasure doing business with you”
Geraldine. O

“Thanks for providing very good service. I will recommend you to anyone wanting to buy a carrom board!”
Seema. W

“Hello, scrap that last email- it’s all arrived!! Thanks for all your swift replies.”

“Thank you! These strikers arrived today, much to the delight of the Games organiser!”
Richard. S

“Got the stand today. Thanks for your help.”
Dean. C

“Hi, just to let you know that everything has arrived, thanks for getting them here in time – have an excellent Christmas and New Year.”

“All has been received thank you very much – the board and the accessories. Thanks for all your help in getting this to me before Christmas.”
Anna. T

“I have collected the product from local post office. Very good board. Thank you very much.”
Yuko. M

“Many, many thanks!!”
Jenny. O

“Thats very kind of you, thank you very much.”
Rajiv. M

“Thank you very much for your interest and professionally. P.S. Just for your information, I had the extra thrill in that both the parcels were shown as 1 of 1. At first sight I queried it with the driver who said that he definitely only had one parcel for me. On opening it, it contained the stand and the dusting powder. I rushed after him and searching though his van and checking his schedule he found the board and the remainder of the goods..”
Gabriel. F

“Thanks for the nice business.”
Dr.Anwer. P

“Many thanks. Carrom Men received yesterday – excellent quality.”
Rohit. T

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