Something You Don’t Know About Carrom Shop… But Probably Should

Update: Offer now expired

Carrom Shop is practically giving away carrom powder – find out why.

* Terms:
Prices are valid for the first 25 customers only (offer expires 10/31/14).
No clause to make extra purchases.
Sales are limited to 1 unit per customer.
Carrom powder must be purchased via Amazon.
Shipping costs apply.
Potato Starch Carrom Powder
Carrom Shop is the World’s Largest Independent Retailer of Carrom.
We have to compete daily with websites like Ebay and Amazon, unless we move with the times we’ll become as redundant as independent retailers are on your local high street. For this reason Carrom Shop has decided to add a range of boards to these channels.

Sometimes It’s Better to Tell It Like It Is
Yesterday Carrom Shop emailed newsletter subscribers with details of the above promotion, we mentioned that the reason for the sale was our way of saying thanks to them for their continued interest – this is wholeheartedly true, we appreciate the support of all our readers, social followers and customers. Unfortunately, there was another reason that we didn’t mention and this didn’t sit well with us – at all. The other reason for the carrom powder promotion was that Amazon emailed us stating our “seller account does not currently meet the Holiday Selling Guidelines for the Toys & Games store this holiday season”. Amazon considers holiday season to be between “November 18, 2014 through the first week in January 2015”, this time of year is the most important time for any online retailer due to Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. We’ve been told by Amazon that we “must have processed and shipped at least 25 orders between September 1 and October 31, 2014”.

We’re new on Amazon, it’s likely we’ll fall short in this criteria and then not be able to sell our products on Amazon at our most busiest time of the entire year.

We can sell our products providing we “Utilize Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to ship products to your customers.”
Provided accounts are in good standing (ours is), “orders that use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will not be subject to the holiday season restrictions”

This is a lengthy and costly process, we don’t want to squeeze our customers for money – especially when it’s not necessary.

We are glad that services like Amazon are available, a lot of people make their living from selling off this platform, we just don’t agree that the terms they have in place for smaller and medium sized companies need to be as restrictive and dictative as they are.

So, What Can Carrom Shop Do for Everyone to Win
Carrom Shop receives minimal/no profit in the sale of these carrom powders, we’re asking for your support by making a purchase of one of the above items. We need to process and ship at least 25 orders before October 31st so we can continue to sell via Amazon in the lead up to Christmas 2014.
It’s been decided that all profits from Amazon sales between now and 31st October will go to charity. If you have any suggestions of what charity you would like the proceeds to go to please leave us a message in the comments below; to confirm the profits from all our Amazon sales between now and 31st October will go to charity, this includes our carrom boards on Amazon.

Slipstream Teak Arrows
Slipstream Mahogany Mandala
Slipstream Oak Star

Thank you for your time and continued support.

Very best regards,

Carrom Shop

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