Carrom Advice, Tips & Equipment

Learn a little about Carrom and which equipment meets the International Carrom Federation standards for play.

Carrom (Carom) Boards

The board is the most important part of the game, the playing surface must be smooth, uniform wood thick enough to be well balanced.

Practice and play boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, however there is only one size that meets international standards.

Carrom Board Specifications

  • Playing surface must be a smooth, 73.50 cm – 74 cm square at least 8mm thick
  • Frames must be made of hard wood, 1.90 cm – 2.54 cm in height and 6.35 cm – 7.60 in breadth
  • Pockets on all four corners should round inwardly and be 4.45 cm in diameter
  • Base lines on all four sides of playing surface should be 47 cm long, black in color
  • Arrows should be drawn at a 45 degree angle in all four corners of board, no more than .15 cm thick
  • Center circle should be exactly in the center of the board 3.18 cm in diameter, red in color
  • Outer circle should be 17 cm in diameter using the center point of the board as its center, black in color

We offer a variety of boards, many of which meet the specifications above.


Carrom men can also be called pieces or men, they should all be completely uniform in size and lay completely flat on the playing surface.
There are three different color men used in standard play, white, black and red. These pieces must remain plain, with no other markings.
ICF Carrom Men Specifications

  • Must be of good quality wood & circular in shape
  • Diameter should be 3.02 cm – 3.18 cm
  • Thickness should be .70 cm – .90 cm
  • Edges should be round and plain
  • Weight should be 5.00g – 5.50g
  • 9 white pieces, 9 black pieces, 1 red piece
  • Uniform in size

We offer a wide variety of carrom coins, from amateur to professional.


Strikers are heavier pieces that are flicked with the finger to hit the carrom men across the board while playing the game.
Often they are decorated or personalized, and can be made of a variety of materials. All materials but metal fall under regulation.

ICF Carrom Striker Specifications

  • Should be smooth and round
  • Diameter should not be more than 4.13 cm
  • Should not weigh more than 15g
  • May be made of any material other than metal
  • Engraved designs are permissible

We offer a wide variety of carrom strikers, from amateur to professional.


Carrom stands must be perfectly balanced in order to hold the table level. They can be made of any material as long as they are calibrated to hold the playing field level and steady for continuous play.
Padding may be used under the legs of the stand to ensure the board stays as level and firm as possible.
ICF Carrom Stands Specifications

  • Should be 63 cm – 70 cm high
  • Should hold carrom board completely level and steady

We offer both wood and metal carrom stands, both built to ensure a steady game.


Carrom powder is used to reduce friction on the playing surface for smoother action of the carrom pieces.
Not only does powder make the board play better, but it will prolong the life of any board. Only a small amount should be sprinkled across the board prior to every game.
ICF Carrom Powder Specifications

  • Should be high quality and absorbant
  • Must not be damp or wet
  • Powder pouches/ containers must spread powder evenly over game surface

We offer a wide variety of powder types and sizes, for practice, club play and tournament use.


Learn more about the official rules of the carrom game with our handy Carrom Rule Book.

More than just the international competition rules, this full color book contains plenty of detailed information about the game and accompanying equipment.

Rule Book Contents

  • International carrom competition rules
  • Carrom board specifications
  • Carrom glossary
  • Carrom diagrams

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