Carrom Accessories

Replacements, spares, upgrades and extras.

Professional Coin Set
Also called men or coins, these pieces are small generally wooden or acrylic disks.
There are nine light pieces, nine dark pieces and one red queen. ICF-sanctioned pieces must be no more then 3.18cm and no less than 3.02cm in diameter, between .7cm and .9cm thick and weigh 5 to 5.5g.

Carrom Strikers
Strikers are larger, heavier pieces that are flicked with the finger to hit the carrom pieces.
These pieces are often decorated and personalized. ICF-scationed strikers should be smooth and round no more than 4.13cm in diameter and not weigh more than 15g. Ivory and metal strikers are not allowed in tournaments.

Carrom Powder
High quality food-grade powder is used to reduce friction and allow for smoother action of the pieces.
For longer board life and optimum performance use only a small amount of carrom powder prior to every game. It is best not to mix powder types on your board, lightly wipe board with a soft cloth before switching powders.

Carrom Rule Book
Although there are many variations of carrom, tournaments and competitions follow a specific set of rules.
Our full color rule book contains detailed information on carrom, including carrom board specifications, a glossary, diagrams and much more. For those that want to know the full rules used in international carrom competitions.

Carrom stands are built specifically to hold carrom boards level and even for play.
Choose from wood or metal options, both balanced to support standard boards and perfectly balanced to offer a level playing field for both practice or tournament play.

Carrom Score Counter
Carrom score counters allow you to keep score instantly and conveniently.
Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this is a handy tool which can be utilized in both practice and tournament play.

Carrom Replacement Mesh
Carrom replacement mesh is used to replace corner pockets on all carrom boards.
Sold individually, each mesh will replace one carrom pocket. The replacement process is easy to do and makes the nets like new again.

Carrom Board Cover
Carrom board covers help keep your board safe from dust, moisture and damage.
Keep your board protected when it is not in use, our board covers can be used for boards with an outer edge less than a 32″ square.