Classic Games

Try our range of classic board games, including bestsellers like Monopoly, Risk & Scrabble.
Monopoly Deluxe Edition
This game was originally patented as “The Landlord’s Game” in 1904, but it wasn’t until the mid-1930’s that the Monopoly of today earned it’s name.
Since then the game has earned worldwide popularity and many foreign editions have adopted the game to their own language, currency and property names.

Developed in France and launched in 1959, Risk is a turn-based strategy game for 2-6 players. This is a slow moving game available in a variety of formats.
Battles for world domination take place on a board which is a stylized political map of the world divided into 42 territories on six continents.

Scrabble Deluxe
One of the most popular crossword games in the world, Scrabble can be played with two, three or four players.
Over 175 tournaments are held a year in the US and Canada alone and the National Scrabble Association (NSA) represents more than 200 clubs and 10,000 word game enthusiasts.

Enjoy testing your mental ability with the game that became incredibly in record time, selling more copies in its first week than Trivial Pursuit.
“No other game provides the variety and fun that Cranium offers” says Richard Tait, who along with Whit Alexander, founded Cranium in 1998.