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What can I buy from the shop?

Carrom Shop is the world’s largest retailer of carrom items, you can purchase anything & everything carrom.
Carrom boards Accessories Stands Rule Book

How quickly do you ship products?

We say 2 – 3 days although it’s usually quicker.
Delivery Information

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we do. International shipping is available & the website is being updated to accommodate this. In the meantime, use the form to contact us.

Hey! Why is shipping so much on some items?

We use courier firms, they quote for the shipping – we’re just as irked about it yet carrom boards are bigger & heavier than usual home deliveries.

What are your carrom boards like?

All the boards on Carrom Shop are handmade from natural products & guaranteed against manufactures defects. We offer boards for beginners to professionals to competition specific players. Every order is carefully inspected for quality & appearance.
The Carrom Shop Guarantee

Do you have a storefront? Can I come visit?

Our stock is warehoused in various locations around the US. Our only storefront is the one you see here.

Do you have any carrom resources?

Yes & it’s constantly growing. We want to help you understand & enjoy the game of carrom so we have provided several online resources. Take a read of the carrom rules or visit our advice section. There are worldwide clubs listings & a blog. Plus, you can play carrom online & shop for accessories & boards from the world’s largest retailer of carrom products.

Can I mention you in my blog, article or app?

Yes, of course. We’re always looking for new ways to share our enthusiasm of carrom. If you like, we can provide you with a custom affiliate link for you to earn up to 10% on all purchases made by your referring visitors during their shopping session.
If you’re interested in giving Carrom Shop a mention let us know what information you need & we’ll get it to you.
Earn up to 10% on all purchases
made by your referring
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